Don Jr. and Eric Trump freak out online as Michael Cohen spills the beans on daddy

During the testimony of Michael Cohen, who served for a decade as personal attorney and fixer for President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and his brother, Eric, were busy on social media, perhaps trying to create a smokescreen for their father, who was uncharacteristically silent on Twitter as Cohen testified.

Eric tried to claim it was a “national disgrace” for such hearings while daddy’s in Vietnam for a summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un:

And then he tried to assert that Cohen was eager to be chief of staff, though he offered no evidence to support his claim:

Meanwhile, Junior was on both Twitter and Instagram. He retweeted several Trump worshipers who are upset by the hearings and also included his own vapid take on the matter:

But while the two Trump sons were engaged in a counter-narrative, they were also getting incoming reminders that their father is far from innocent:

If you think Junior and Eric are angry, wait until daddy gets hold of his cell phone and starts spewing venom. It should be fun to watch.

Featured Image Via ABC News