Don Jr. Posts Bizarre Meme Calling Daddy An ‘Angel’ – The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

In his latest attempt to be an obsequious suck-up of of epic proportions, Donald Trump Jr. decided to post a meme on Instagram in honor of his daddy for Christmas, and was immediately smacked down by social media for his fawning devotion to his father.

Here’s what Don Jr. shared with the world:


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🤣🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸🤣 #triggered #Christmas #christmastree #star #angel

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What in the hell?! An angel and a star? Sorry to break the news to you, Junior, but your dad is neither. He’s a former reality TV host who has cheated on all three of his wives, is a pathological liar, and may have committed treason with Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The responses on social media to Don Jr’s pathetic were nothing short of awesome. Take a look:

“When you really want Daddy to give you a pardon.”

“You’re going to prison, Junior.”

“trump is the bully-in-chief”

“Enjoy prison idiot!”

“Your obsession with your daddy is creepy AF!”

“Clocks ticking DJTJ!! Prison time is about to start”

“THIS is the only war on Christmas I’ve seen. #desperate.”

“Couldn’t decide between collusion and conspiracy. So Mueller picked both.”

“Please love me, dad!”

“A piece of coal would be more fitting.”

Don Jr’s Christmas tribute to his father comes just a day after the president attacked Michael Cohen and Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

How very angelic, wouldn’t you agree?

Featured Image Via CBS News