Don Jr. tries to boast about U.S. economic growth and gets humiliated by a brutal fact check

In his latest desperate attempt to curry favor with his father, President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. decided he’d take to Twitter and brag about how U.S. economic growth is higher than it was under Barack Obama:

But as CNBC reporter John Harwood noted in his response to Junior, the numbers cited by Don Jr. are inaccurate, and he knows that because he got the actual information from an agency working for his father:

What makes Don Jr’s tweet even more hilarious is the fact that his father had also made erroneous claims about the economy just a few minutes earlier, and Harwood set the president straight, too:

There’s irony, and then there’s Trumpian irony.

It didn’t take long for others to remind Don Jr. that he’s even less informed than his father, and that’s really saying something:

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