Donald Trump Jr. claims Democrats hate his father more than they love America

According to Donald Trump Jr., Congressional Democrats hate his daddy so much that they’re deliberately trying to sabotage his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un by holding hearings with the president’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, as star witness.

During an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday, Don Jr. was in full whine mode, remarking:

“The Democrats to try to counter-program that kind of progress, to try to perhaps somehow distract him with this nonsense by, you know, a convicted felon who’s been lying to those same committee, it just goes to show you how much those Democrats really disdain Trump but also America.”

Using deeply flawed logic and a clear sense of entitlement, Junior then asserted that the Cohen hearing before the House Government Affairs Committee is proof-positive that Democrats don’t love their country:

“It’s crazy. They show you that they really hate Trump much more than they like America, because I get nothing from counter-programming those kind of peace talks with this nonsense that’s been proven with a convicted felon other than they just want Trump to fail even if it means America fails. And that’s a really sad state of affairs.”

Don Jr. also posted a link to the interview on his Twitter feed, and some of the responses he received are pure gold. Take a look:

Don Jr. sounds nervous. He’s acting like he and daddy are guilty. Can’t imagine why he’d be so jittery. Can you?

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot