Donald Trump Jr., CNN’s Jim Acosta Slug It Out Over Border Wall On Twitter (VIDEO)

The Twitter fight escalated
CNN's Jim Acosta stands in front the border barrier separating the U.S. and Mexico near McAllen, Texas. Screenshot by Breaking News US via YouTube video

At the US-Mexico border in Texas Thursday, CNN’s Jim Acosta, standing close to a slatted barrier noted the quietude of the place. Adding that there was no “national emergency situation,” he inadvertently caused a Twitter eruption. Then followed a war of tweets between Acosta and Donald Trump Jr.

The first salvoes were fired by people insisting the place is tranquil because the barrier is there, Mediaite reports.

“Current measures are working. Thanks for pointing that out @Acosta,” wrote conservative talk show host Erick Erickson. “That’s why we should expand the current measures because…guess what…they don’t work in areas they don’t exist.”

Then others at President Donald Trump’s White House chimed in, asserting that Acosta’s video proved that barriers work, Raw Story reports. Border wall opponents noted that this actually shows that the current border barriers are quite effective, and undermined Trump’s assertion that there’s a “crisis” or national emergency at the border.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders referred to Acosta in a tweet, that he says twisted his words.

Acosta fired back quickly, reminding her of the video she allegedly edited in an effort to wrongly accuse him of harming a White House intern.

Then Trump Jr. entered the fray and poked Acosta for “one of the best self-own videos ever.”

But Acosta is now accustomed to this sort of behavior from the Trump White House. Which means he was quick with a response.


Trump Jr. attempted a snappy comeback but got owned in the process.

Acosta’s short video appeared on CNN’s The Situation Room, and in it, he notes this is a bald-faced attempt by President Donald Trump to deceive people into believing there’s a crisis on the border.

And despite president Trump’s fear-mongering about a border “crisis,” Linda Qiu, writing for The New York Times last June noted that border crossings are down. Significantly.

In a period stretching from the 1980s to the mid-2000s, the government reported that one million to 1.6 million foreigners illegally entering the U.S. were apprehended at the southwestern border. In 2000 some 71,000 to 220,000 migrants were apprehended by federal agents every month.

Qiu notes that by the time of her story’s publication date — June 20, 2018 — monthly crossings were down significantly. They ranged from 20,000 to 40,000 people.

And for those who remain skeptical, this chart published by The New York Times and compiled by U.S. Customs and Border Protection bears this out.

So the only real crisis here is the one that’s continually roiling in Trump’s mind.

Here’s what Acosta had to say in The Situation Room video below.

Featured image by Breaking News US via YouTube video