Donald Trump Jr. gets dragged on Twitter for accusing the FBI of an ‘attempted coup’

Donald Trump Jr. is upset because former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe has written a book in which he says Justice Department discussed removing President Donald Trump via the 25th Amendment.

That revelation led Don Jr. to post this on Twitter Thursday morning:

A couple of things need to be noted in regard to this tweet:

  • Where did Junior get his atrocious spelling skills from, his father? Since when is the word “investigators” spelled “investators”?
  • An attempted coup? Is Don Jr. unaware that the 25th Amendment is part of the U.S. Constitution and is a legal means of removing a president from office if he becomes unstable?

Fortunately, plenty of other people on social media were only too happy to remind Don Jr. that he should stay off Twitter:

Instead of trying to impress his father with mindless drivel on Twitter, shouldn’t Junior be meeting with his attorneys for his pending indictment and arrest?

Featured Image Via NBC News