Donald Trump Jr. tries to troll Democratic congresswomen and winds up owning himself

As you’d probably guess, Donald Trump Jr. had a big problem with the fact that so many female members of Congress decided to silently protest the State of the Union address given by his father, President Donald Trump, on Tuesday evening.

But it wasn’t wearing white that Don Jr. said offended him (though it’s difficult to know when dealing with thin-skinned snowflakes like anyone with the last name Trump exactly what does upset them). No, it was that none of them were wearing American flag pins on their lapels, which apparently is an unpardonable sin to fake patriots who allegedly conspire with Russia.

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So Junior fired off this tweet:

Just one tiny problem that Don Jr. forgot to factor in before he posted his tweet: He was at the State of the Union with members of the Trump family, and none of them had flag pins on, either:

Twitter reveled in Junior’s hypocrisy, and soon it became clear he had only succeeded in thoroughly owning himself:

Want to see more people not wearing flag pins? Just take a look at this photo of Republicans at the State of the Union:

Not only no flag pins among the GOPers, but also not a single brain cell.

Featured Image Via NBC News