Economist Paul Krugman slams Trump with facts for claiming ‘poverty is over’ in America


President Donald Trump’s White House is declaring the War on Poverty at an end while claiming that “poverty is over” in a new economic report that forced Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman to fact-check it on Twitter.

The report erroneously claims that the poverty rate in America stands at 2.3 percent as of 2017.

This figure might be a typo considering the Census Bureau lists the official rate at 12.3 percent, and that means 40 million Americans live in poverty instead of 4 million.

Mistake or not, the claim in the White House report that poverty has basically been wiped out in the United States is absurd.

And Krugman knows it, which is why he spent time on Twitter debunking the report in a brutal fact-checking session on Twitter.

Krugman also pointed out that nearly ten percent of Americans don’t have health insurance, a figure that will likely skyrocket if Trump has his way. He then concluded by blasting Trump and his team for having zero empathy for struggling Americans.

Basically, Trump is pretending that government programs have not worked to lift people out of poverty but history proves that government programs have lifted millions of Americans out of poverty. The reason why more Americans are falling into poverty now is because Republicans have spent decades attacking and weakening those programs while giving more and more money to the wealthy. And by claiming that “poverty is over,” Trump is demonstrating that he either has no clue of the struggles millions of Americans experience or he simply does not care.

And yet, Republicans wonder why more Americans than ever support socialism.

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