Enraged Trump Declares There’s ‘No Smocking Gun’ In Misspelled Monday Morning Tweet

President Donald Trump is terrified, and his fear is evident in a tweet he sent out Monday morning about the Russia investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

Trump followed that tweet with another that attacked his former attorney, Michael Cohen, who is cooperating with the special counsel and could potentially provide evidence that will lead to the impeachment of the president:

As usual, Trump has the facts of the story all wrong. He has no way of knowing what witnesses or evidence Mueller has that directly implicates him in a conspiracy with Russia. And his insistence that there would be no liability for him in the payment of hush money to women he allegedly had affairs with is completely untrue. If he ordered the payment of those funds, that would directly implicate him in a conspiracy to defraud the United States and in election and campaign finance fraud. All of those are serious felonies.

Reaction from social media was swift and at times hilarious:

Sounds like Donnie needs to smock a fatty and relax.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot