Eric Trump and Sean Hannity claim the Ukraine scandal ‘starts with Obama’

With the Ukraine scandal growing worse by the day for President Donald Trump and members of his administration, the president’s son, Eric Trump, appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday evening so he and the host could try and pin blame for the entire matter on former President Barack Obama.

Pulling a well-worn page from the Fox News propaganda playbook, Eric and Hannity went fishing for any possible scapegoat, once again suggesting (without a scintilla of hard evidence) that then-Vice President Biden encouraged the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor in 2016. That, according to the flawed logic of right-wing fever dreams, proves that Obama failed to exercise oversight in the matter.

Hannity started spinning the conspiracy theory by declaring:

“I think there is a very big reason that Obama is being quiet, because all of this abuse of power, all of this corruption, all happened on his watch. And remember the infamous text messages, Strzok and Page, yeah, the White House wants to be kept apprised of every single detail, the Oval Office, there you go.”

Notice how Hannity tried to mix two separate issues together? One minute he’s talking about Ukraine and the next he tries to tie it all into a package that leads back to the Mueller investigation. It’s ridiculous and unsupported by any facts, but since when has Sean Hannity allowed fact or logic to be a part of his nightly rantings?

Eric Trump was only too happy to take the ball and run, telling Hannity:

“Oh, there is no question it leads right to him. And by the way, it’s not exactly like, you know, he’s a quiet guy. And he has run away from this. He has run away from his vice president. Could you imagine if the roles were reversed, right, and this was Mike Pence, right? I mean they would be killing my father right now. They’re not even asking Obama about this. Obama has got a complete hall pass for this whole situation. It’s ridiculous. The hypocrisy is absolutely ridiculous. There is no question it starts with Obama, there’s no question he was involved.”

Classic deception tactics: Deflect and then try to blame others for your own improper actions. Blame others for that which you are guilty of.

But no matter how they try to spin, lie, and dissemble, the facts are not on the side of the White House, and polls show that a majority of Americans now want Donald Trump impeached and removed from office.

If what we saw on Hannity last night is an indication of the defense strategy from the administration as impeachment moves forward, Trump might want to go ahead and resign.

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