Eric Trump Attacks George Conway For Criticizing His Dad And Instantly Regrets It

Eric Trump

Eric Trump would have been wise to keep his nose out of George Conway’s marriage to his wife Kellyanne Conway. Instead, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s the dunce of the family.

Kellyanne Conway is President Donald Trump’s White House counselor, but her husband frequently exercises his right to disagree with and criticize him.

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His most recent criticism is that Trump appears to have violated witness tampering laws when he praised associate Roger Stone for refusing to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. All Conway had to do is cite the law itself.

Conway’s tweet follows criticism of trump’s appointment of Matt Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, which he argues is unconstitutional.

Eric Trump, of course, does not like George Conway’s criticism of his father and had the gall to accuse the longtime lawyer of disrespecting his wife in every way by doing so.

This tweet is out of line. George Conway has every right to criticize Trump. While his wife works for Trump, he does not. And her job does not mean he has to remain silent.

Furthermore, the Conways’ marriage is their business and theirs alone. Eric Trump has absolutely no right involving himself.

But he did, and the Internet lit him up for it, especially since Eric’s dad completely treated his mother like sh*t.

Eric Trump should have kept his mouth shut, but he chose to stick his foot into it instead.

Featured Image: Wikimedia