Eric Trump Blames Obama For Russian Meddling On Fox & Friends

Eric Trump made an ass of himself of Fox & Friends Monday morning by repeating the debunked claim that former President Barack Obama did nothing to stop Russian meddling during the 2016 Election.

During the appearance, Eric Trump gushed about his daddy’s speech at CPAC before pretending that the recently released Democratic memo supports the distorted claims of the GOP memo written by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.).

“My thoughts are, they dug and dug and dug and finally found themselves. It’s awful what happened. You had the FBI and Department of Justice, you had them use opposition research to spy on a presidential candidate in this country, and it’s horrible. This is the worst abuse imaginable, something you would see in a third world country, and it happened here.”

Except that the Democratic memo added context that the GOP memo left out such as the fact that the FBI disclosed to the FISA court that some of the information they had might be politically motivated. And the court granted the warrant anyway. Plus, the FBI had already been investigating Trump campaign official Carter Page for being a Russian agent months before the dossier came to their attention. In short, the warrant was obtained legally and appropriately.

Accusing the government of some “dark” things to prevent President Trump from being elected, Eric said:

“You know, people have to take this seriously. … I don’t think the Democratic memo said anything. In fact, I think it confirmed that, you know, the judge wasn’t told that this was opposition research.”


The FBI informed the judge that some of the information might be politically motivated. The judge isn’t stupid and understood, as any judge would, what “politically motivated” meant, and signed off on the warrant anyway. The FBI and Justice Department showed just cause to obtain one. Period.

Eric Trump then claimed that Russia did not help his dad win the election, in spite of the 13 indictments Special Counsel Robert Mueller just secured against 13 Russian nationals for meddling with the election.

And it turns out the Russians likely did cause voters to vote for Trump.

But Eric wasn’t done. At the end of the interview, the little weasel made sure he squeezed in an attack on Obama.

“By the way, I wish Obama would have done that. If he knew, which he clearly did, I wish he would have stopped that. The big question is, why did he do nothing about it?”

Here’s the video via YouTube. The remarks about the memo and Obama begin at the 5:25 mark.

This cheap shot against Obama is nothing but a damnable lie.

It is a documented fact that Obama and his administration repeatedly warned Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin himself to not interfere in America’s democratic process.

When Russia ignored the warnings, the Obama administration warned that Russia was committing cyberattacks against the United States. Obama would also go on to slap sanctions against Russia. But when Obama approached Republican leadership to ask them to issue a bipartisan warning to the American people about Russia’s meddling, Republicans refused, and Obama was forced to back off lest he is accused of trying to sway the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Finally, it should be pointed out that while Eric Trump and his dad insist that the recent indictments and the memos somehow prove Trump’s campaign didn’t collude with the Russians, the investigation is far from over.

It is still ongoing, and unless the Trump’s have special knowledge of the investigation (they don’t), they can’t possibly claim that their supposed innocence has already been proved. They have to wait for Mueller and the grand jury to make that determination like everyone else.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.