Eric Trump: Media’s ‘clown show’ handling of Ukraine scandal is a ‘danger to this nation’

Eric Trump, who serves as executive vice president of the Trump Organization, thinks that the media is being mean to his father, President Donald Trump, and other Republicans because they’re pointing out the inconsistencies and outright lies being told by the White House and its GOP supporters in Congress regarding the Ukraine scandal.

During a Monday appearance on his daddy’s favorite morning show, “Fox and Friends,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt began the whine session by complaining that on the Sunday news shows, both Senator Ron Johnson, (R-WI) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) were taken to task when they tried to lie in order to protect Trump from the growing scandal around the president’s Ukraine phone call, which may well lead to articles of impeachment.

That led Eric to exclaim:

“It is dangerous to this country! The media, in doing that, they pose a danger to this nation! I mean, look at the advocacy there, come on! Anybody ever seen the movie ‘War Room?’ I mean, (ABC news host George) Stephanopoulos of all people! And by the way, he can’t even answer!”

As Mediaite notes, Eric was far from done when it came to his complaints:

“In Eric Trump’s esteem, the coverage is a ‘clown show.’ The Democrats, and their media partners according to Eric, ‘now they can’t win,’ which explains what he sees as unfair and consistent coverage of his father who is ‘driving them crazy.’

Driving them crazy? Has Eric Trump bothered to take a look at the unhinged tweets emanating from the White House over the past few hours? Here’s a sampling:

See the consistency of messaging there with the word “crazy”? Apparently Eric received his talking points before he marched over to Fox News for his conclave with the adoring morning hosts.

If President Trump and the Republicans are so certain that there was nothing wrong with his call to Ukraine in July, then they should agree to cooperate with congressional investigators and willingly hand over all relevant documents. They fact that they’re doing the exact opposite speaks volumes.

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