House Ethics Committee Chair Sued For Assaulting Women

The election of President Donald Trump flipped the world upside down. Good is bad, the truth is “fake news,” and Nazis are “fine people.”


One would hope to find some solace in the myriad of committees designed to oversee politicians and ensure that ethics violations do not occur. One hopes, at this point, to find solace and sanity from ANY government committee intended for that purpose.

However, as many have learned all too well, even they cannot be trusted.


Take Omar Ashmawy for example. He is the staff director and chief counsel of the Office of Congressional Ethics. There is now a federal lawsuit claiming that he verbally and physically assaulted several women and used his position of power to influence local law enforcement.

The complaint was filed in Pennsylvania last month. It covers an event that took place in a bar on Valentine’s day, 2015. On that day, Ashmawy took his girlfriend to a dinner and later to a bar in a town called Milford, Pennsylvania.


What exactly transpired is still not set in stone. The only people who know for sure were inside the bar that night. However, got the scoop from some of those very witnesses, and the picture they paint of Ashmawy is not a pretty one.

Indeed, even if it is only partially true, the man should be part of NO ethics committee under the sun, as he was at best a belligerent drunk who needed to put in his place. At worst he assaulted several women and had to be subdued.


According to the complaint, Greg Martucci witnessed Ashmawy becoming “extremely violent and belligerent,” as well as verbally abusive to several women at Milford’s Dimmick Inn.

In a  statement from one of the women, Dawn Jorgenson highlighted an ordeal that sounds like it could be from a movie. Jorgenson said she witnessed Ashmawy “clearly sexually harassing” the bartender, Joey Lynn Smith.

Ashmawy said to Smith at one point:

“You’ll give me drinks, but you won’t fuck me.”

Ashmawy then tried to block Smith using his own body, and when Jorgenson tried to intervene, he grabbed her. Jorgenson wrote in her statement:

“He’s holding my wrist so tightly that he falls down to the ground landing to the left of me.”

With leaders like these, is it any wonder everything is so upside down?


There was a third female witness at the bar that night. Her name is Christina Floyd. Floyd wrote of Ashmawy in her statement to police:

“I am a 5 foot 3 woman who never knew this man. I was very scared of him and was afraid he’d come back around for weeks after.”

“I have never had a man physically harm me or scare me in that manner. He was sexually harassing, abusing and I feared for my life.”

There is one witness at the scene who claims not to have seen the harassment of the women, and he is the one that Ashmawy is using to try and get the suit dismissed.

That witness claims that all he saw were the three men “escorting” Ashmawy outside. He called the police because he didn’t think it was a “fair fight.”

One of the men who shut down Ashmawy that night is the owner of the bar, and his wife is Dawn Jorgenson. Is it any wonder Ashmawy didn’t walk away from that?

Ashmawy denies all these allegations, of course, and since he was the only one who received any injuries that night, he has a legal leg to stand on, unfortunately.

Featured Image via YouTube Video.