Ex-CIA official: Don Jr. wasn’t indicted because he lacked the ‘mental capacity’ to commit a crime

One of the biggest surprises from the investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has to be that Donald Trump Jr. — who met with Russian nationals at Trump Tower in June 2016 to obtain “dirt” on Hillary Clinton — was never indicted, even though he had multiple contacts with Russian officials in person and online.

But on MSBC’s “Deadline: White House” Wednesday afternoon, former CIA official Jeremy Bash explained that the reason Junior might have avoided seeing his name on federal indictment is because prosecutors thought he was too ignorant to have a full understanding of what he had done.

Bash, who served as chief of staff at both the CIA and the Pentagon, told host Nicolle Wallace what to expect when a redacted version of the Mueller report is released on Thursday by Attorney General William Barr:

“I think we have to zoom back and look at what’s happening at this moment in our democracy. Which is a special counsel is going to be issuing a report on the conduct of a presidential campaign, a candidate, and a president ultimately that amounts to a heap of shameful, unpatriotic, and unethical conduct where the president sought Russian interference, he received Russian interference, he benefitted from Russian interference, and he rewarded Russian interference.”

And then Bash focused specifically on Don Jr., explaining why he thought Junior hadn’t been charged for meeting with Russians during the 2016 campaign:

“Whether the special counsel concluded at the end of the day that someone like Don, Jr. didn’t have the mental capacity — and I use that term specifically — because he didn’t have the intent, because he didn’t understand politics, whatever the basis for saying a crime wasn’t committed is important to know.”

Ouch! That’s gotta burn. Poor Traitor Tot was too darn stupid about how it all works to have intent to commit a crime. That’s like when a Southerner sees a blatantly ignorant person and remarks, “Bless their heart.”

Bless his little heart, Don Jr. wants to be a big mover and shaker in the business and political worlds, but he’s just too dense.

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