Fans celebrate U.S. women’s World Cup victory by chanting ‘F**k Trump!’ during Fox News broadcast

Awkward Fox News broadcast
Fox News reporter Greg Palkot finds himself in an awkward situation. Screen capture by Sara Pearl via Twitter

Ebullient fans of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team really let their feelings be known during a live Fox News broadcast after hearing the news that the team won the Women’s World Cup, The Independent reports.

In a segment that aired Sunday, the lively crowd at a bar in Lyon, France, could be heard chanting “F**k Trump!” as Fox News reporter Greg Palkot attempted to get a reaction from expatriate Americans at the bar.

Well, he got one, Mediaite reports. And then some.

While Palkot gamely pressed on with his interview, a young man and woman seized the opportunity to yell:

“Democraaaaaaaats! U.S.A. Democrats!” Get that racist out of the White House!”

The U.S. Women’s National team beat the Netherlands in a 2.0 victory earlier Sunday. This is the team’s fourth World Cup title and their second consecutive title. A ticker-tape parade honoring the team is scheduled for Wednesday in New York City. Trump has promised to invite the women to the White House whether they win or lose. However, it’s not clear at this point if he actually will.

But at least one thing is abundantly clear: It’s highly unlikely that the women will attend. Megan Rapinoe, who scored a goal during the game and is one of the leading players on the team, has feuded with Trump on the social media and has suggested “not many, if any” players will attend if an invitation is offered.

In January, Rapinoe said she would not go to the “f**king White House,” which apparently hurt Trump’s fluffy little feelings, prompting him to call her “disrespectful.”

“Megan should never disrespect our country, the white house or our flag, especially since so much has been done for her & the team,” he tweeted earlier this week.

But considering Trump’s treatment of women is it any surprise that Rapinoe and her colleagues do not wish to visit the “Misogynist-in-Chief?” One can hardly blame them.

Featured image by Sara Pearl/Twitter