FBI agents uncover ‘voluminous’ evidence from electronic devices at Roger Stone’s house

Roger Stone. Screen capture by CNN via YouTube video

FBI agents have seized a vast trove of evidence from the home of President Donald Trump’s confidante Roger Stone after his arrest last week, according to a court filing submitted Thursday by Robert Mueller. The information gathered from Stone’s iCloud and email accounts extends back several years, CNN reports.

Prosecutors will share the evidence they have against Stone as required by law so that his legal defense team can prepare him for trial. Last week Stone pleaded not guilty to seven counts of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering. The charges are linked to his alleged lies to Congress concerning whether he acted as a go-between for the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, Mediaite reports.

Prosecutors for Mueller told a federal judge Thursday that they found “several terabytes of information” in on a number of devices in Stone’s house. The discovery, they noted was “both voluminous and complex” in size. And the information isn’t just from his iCloud and email accounts. There’s also information from bank records and digital financial content that dates back several years.

In the tweet below Natasha Bertrand, a writer for The Atlantic shares a bit more information.

Mueller hopes to impose a protective order that would keep the evidence collected against Stone confidential while prosecutors share the evidence with his legal team, wrote D.C. U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu in the finding. In such high-profile cases like this, these types of orders are typical and they are meant to keep documents from being leaked. Prosecutors are hoping that the judge, in this case, will allow them extra time to prepare thanks to the volume of evidence.

Stone, who is scheduled to appear Friday before D.C. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, told Politico he may appeal if he is hit with a gag order prior to his trial.

You can read the court filing in full here.

In the video below, a CNN panel discusses Stone’s guilty plea.

Featured image by CNN via YouTube video