Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker: Trump’s ‘abuse of power’ is not a crime

Now that we know there was indeed a quid pro quo by President Donald Trump when he told the president of Ukraine he wanted dirt on Joe Biden in exchange for military aid, the latest defense of Trump’s indefensible actions is that a president can do whatever he wants with impunity.

Former acting attorney general Matt Whitaker was a guest on Fox News Tuesday evening, and he told host Laura Ingraham that there’s no evidence Trump committed a crime:

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“What evidence of a crime do you have? … Abuse of power is not a crime.”

In order to impeach a president, Whitaker continued, the Constitution makes it “very clear that this has to be some pretty egregious behavior.”

As you might expect, Ingraham agreed wholeheartedly with Whitaker, HuffPost reports:

Speaking to Ingraham about the impeachment probe, Whitaker suggested President Trump was “being punished” for upsetting “the apple cart” of the “world establishment.”

Ingraham agreed with this assessment.

“This is a revenge of the global elites,” she said.

Thing is, just because something isn’t a crime doesn’t mean it’s not an impeachable offense, as many Twitter users were quick to remind Whitaker:

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