Former CIA Agent: Trump Is A ‘Traitor’ For ‘Betraying His Countrymen’

In light of the blockbuster New York Times article published Friday evening reporting that the FBI began a counterintelligence investigation of President Donald Trump after he fired James Comey, a former CIA agent who ran for president in 2016 is calling Trump a “traitor.”

Evan McMullin has been a frequent critic of Trump, and he referred directly to the Times report in tweets he directed at Trump on Saturday:

While the president certainly won’t appreciate the criticism from McMullin, it’s hard to deny that he’s merely standing facts. After all, Trump has repeatedly deferred to and even flattered Russian President Vladimir Putin, was reluctant to impose sanctions passed overwhelming in Congress, and repeatedly made foreign policy moves that serve to strengthen Russia’s sphere of influence in the world.

We may well be dealing the with biggest American turncoat since Benedict Arnold conspired with Great Britain during the American Revolution. And yet Trump is significantly more dangerous than Arnold because he holds the highest office in the U.S. government.

McMullin got plenty of support on Twitter from other say they’ve seen enough to warrant removing Trump from office:

Featured Image Via NBC News