Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe buries Trump for personally attacking him again


President Donald Trump made the mistake of attacking former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe during a manic phone call to Fox News Wednesday night.

During the call, Trump whined about McCabe, whom he referred to as a “terrible” guy, and claimed that he couldn’t do anything without getting approval from former FBI Director James Comey, all while complaining about the Russia investigation, which Trump repeatedly obstructed, according to the Mueller report.

CNN host John Berman gave McCabe a chance to respond to the personal attack on Thursday morning.

“You know, I’ve been listening to the president say insanely stupid things for years now about me personally, about my organization, and about the investigation we undertook to find out if the president posed a threat to national security,” McCabe began. “I won’t get down in the weeds with the president and exchange insults on Twitter or TV or anywhere else, but the question we should be asking is: why do we have a president who feels necessary to attack individuals? Individuals — private citizens, individuals who serve in our government — to attack personally when he’s scared of the truth that they have to offer.”

Indeed, Trump attacks anyone who tells the truth about him and has repeatedly accused the FBI of “spying” on his campaign and trying to engage in a coup against him.

McCabe opined that Trump is terrified because he knows he will likely be prosecuted for his crimes after he leaves office, which is why he continues to desperately seek to undermine or delegitimize the report.

“As I said, I think the president is afraid,” McCabe said. “The president is clearly very concerned about the Russia investigation. He has been since its inception and he has good reason to be concerned about it.”

“I think we’ve all seen now with the release of the Mueller report that there was a substantial reason to believe that the president and those around him conducted themselves inappropriately and in many cases illegally,” he concluded. “The Mueller investigation, the special counsel investigation resulted in numerous convictions of the president’s associates. So it was very clearly not a witch hunt.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

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