Former federal prosecutor: It didn’t take Mueller 400 pages to say ‘nothing’s wrong’


As we wait to finally see the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, each day suggests that there must indeed be damaging information in the 400-page document he gave to Attorney General William Barr a little more than a week ago.

And now a former federal prosecutor is saying that he has no doubt there’s plenty of incriminating evidence in the report.

During an appearance on “Deadline: White House” Monday afternoon, Chuck Rosenberg commented:

“It’s never taken me 400 pages to say nothing happened.

“I imagine something happened, and that something, particularly with respect to obstruction, was quite serious. I can imagine Mueller not making a recommendation, because a recommendation to prosecute someone you can’t prosecute is equally burdensome and equally stigmatizing.”

Rosenberg then added:

“I don’t believe for a minute, if Mueller had facts that exonerated the president on obstruction, he would have hesitated to say so.

“I imagine the facts … [may] weigh heavily in favor of a prosecution — bufor the fact that you can’t charge a sitting president.”

It stands to reason that if indeed the Mueller report did fully exonerate Trump, the White House would be demanding that AG Barr make it available to Congress and the media immediately. Hell, Trump would probably call Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch and insist that his hosts read the thing on air 24/7.

There are now hints that the administration may try to delay release of the report indefinitely, which certainly doesn’t boost their credibility when they try to assure us they have nothing to hide.

On Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted out what certainly sounds like something a guilty man would be suggesting:

That’s simply not true. Nadler and Schiff have both said they want to see the full, unredacted report and supporting documentation. As the elected representatives of the American people, both are well within their rights and responsibilities to insist on seeing the report ASAP.

As we learned in Watergate, the cover up is always worse than the initial crime. But apparently this White House is ignorant on American history, among many other things.

Featured Image Via the BBC