Former Nixon attorney says Trump faces 10 years in prison for threatening to retaliate against witnesses

An attorney who represented former President Richard Nixon after he resigned from office warned Wednesday evening that President Donald Trump’s threats against those who cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller could result in Trump being criminally charged with witness intimidation the minute he leaves office.

Robert Jeffress was a guest on “The Rachel Maddow Show,” and was asked by the host:

“Obviously, we have seen at least one act taken by the White House in that they have fired (former white house counsel) Don McGahn’s law firm with some white house anonymous sources telling reporters that that was taken specifically in response to Don McGahn essentially becoming an enemy of the White House based on his testimony.”

Jeffress could not have been clearer in his warning:

“The way the statute reads is if the president causes any harm to an individual in retaliation for his testimony, that’s a criminal offense carrying a prison sentence of up to ten years. And, yes, I think if you caused the firing of a law firm that caused harm to the witness and you did that specifically with intent to retaliate against the witness’ testimony, that would unquestionably be a crime.”

Trump is also trying to keep McGahn from testifying before a House committee, which has subpoenaed him for his testimony. But if McGahn refuses to cooperate with Congressional investigators, he faces a charge of contempt of Congress, which could wind up getting him disbarred and mean he could never practice law again. McGahn may have to choose between his law career or remaining loyal to a president who has already indicated he will not hesitate to throw anyone and everyone under the bus to save his own hide.

Donald Trump is on a crime spree that is unprecedented in American history. He thinks he’s above the law and won’t have to face any consequences for his actions. But the law and the Constitution say otherwise. It’s time he was called to heel for his lawlessness and total disregard for our system of government.

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