Former Trump aide Jason Miller calls Jerry Nadler a ‘fat f*ck’ on Twitter, then deletes his account

You’ve probably seen former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller on cable news, relentlessly defending President Donald Trump no matter what he says or does. But on Thursday night, he completely jumped the shark with an obscenity-filled attack on Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

And when he had completed his disgusting tweets aimed at Congressman Nadler, Miller turned coward and ran, deleting his Twitter account.

Here’s the tweets Miller fired off Thursday evening:

And then came the cut and run:

Miller also deactivated his LinkedIn LinkedIn account:

Typical Trumpkin: He attacks others but doesn’t have the courage of his convictions, so he hides when he knows he’s just made a gigantic mistake.

Reaction on Twitter to Miller’s online sniping and cowardice was swift:

In his next incarnation, Jason Miller will probably return as a GOP candidate for the Senate and earn the full support and endorsement of fellow Twitter bully Donald Trump.

Featured Image Via CNN Screenshot