Fox & Friends spins Trump’s billion dollar losses as something Americans should be proud of

Fox & Friends

The hosts of “Fox & Friends” jumped to President Donald Trump’s defense on Wednesday in the wake of a bombshell report showing Trump is the biggest loser when it comes to money.

The New York Times obtained ten years of Trump’s tax records from 1985 to 1994 and found that he lost more money than any American in history during that period of time. In fact, he lost approximately $1 billion, which is not normal at all despite Trump’s claim that it is in a Twitter response to the story.

Soon enough, his propaganda machine over at Fox & Friends tried to spin his terrible business decisions, with Brian Kilmeade even going so far as to claim that $1 BILLION is not a lot of money.

Seriously, he said that. Here’s the video via Twitter.

Kilmeade continued to defend Trump by arguing that Trump’s just “different” and that losing that much money “proves he’s good at business.”

Again, losing this much money is not normal at all, even for billionaires. It means Trump is a terrible businessman. But then Ainsley Earhardt chimed in with even more stupidity by claiming that voters won’t care about Trump’s irresponsible money decisions and that Americans should be impressed with anyone who loses that much money, losses that she defined as an achievement.

These people have lost all common sense in their desperation to defend Trump.

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