Fox & Friends throw a temper tantrum over Senator Hirono telling the truth about Trump and Barr

Fox News

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) tore into Attorney General Bill Barr on Wednesday, and the hosts of Fox & Friends cried about it the next day.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Hirono used part of her time to severely rebuke Barr and his effort to protect President Donald Trump from the damning results of the Mueller report.

“Mr. Barr, now the American people know that you are no different from Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway or any of the other people who sacrificed their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the Oval Office,” she said. “Now we know more about your deep involvement and trying to cover up for Donald Trump. Being attorney general of the United States is a sacred trust. You have betrayed that trust. America deserves better. You should resign.”

Hirono can use her time as she wishes, and she still had time to ask some questions. The problem is that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) cut her time short because he’s a delicate flower when it comes to criticism of Trump and his cronies.

The hosts of Fox & Friends attacked Hirono on Thursday morning and complained that she didn’t ask any questions.

“Senator Hirono, so inappropriate!” Brian Kilmeade whined. “I don’t care if anything happens in the future with future presidents or senators, for her to come out there and for her first words to be, ‘You and this grifter president,’ goes out and says the most disparaging things. Do they know people are watching around the world? Is that what the people of Hawaii want? Don’t sit there for five minutes and give a speech! So insulting!”

Here’s the video via Twitter.

Again, Hirono can use her time as she damn well pleases. Graham himself even delivered remarks unrelated to Barr’s appearance that disparaged the FBI, even going so far as to drop the F-bomb on live television.

Hirono didn’t say anything on Thursday that was not true.

And Fox & Friends has some nerve complaining about people saying “disparaging things” when they attacked Obama on a daily basis and read Trump’s tweets every morning.

As for what the people in Hawaii and around the globe want, it’s pretty clear that they would like someone else to be the president. One who will restore dignity to the office and leadership in the world instead of someone who cheats on his wife with porn stars and assaults human rights and the rule of law.

Fox & Friends is dripping with hypocrisy and they know it.

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