Fox host Laura Ingraham snipes at calls of reparations for slavery: ‘We won, you lost, that’s that’

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is once again in very hot water for comments she made on her podcast regarding paying reparations to African-Americans to partially compensate for slavery.

During a discussion of the issue with Kentucky State professor and Hate Crime Hoax author Wilfred Reilly, who told Ingraham:

“I mean, obviously both white and black soldiers, frankly, took this country from the Indians—the first people.”

Ingraham agreed, adding:

“People would argue that the whole world, and I would, the whole world has been reshaped by people taking other people’s land. It’s called conquest.”

But it was what the Fox host said next that has set off a firestorm:

“They want to live in a fake world. As Trump always says, ‘you don’t get do-overs.’ No do-overs, that’s it. There was an argument, sometime, I think it was the 1980s, it was a quote, ‘you won, we lost, that’s that.’ Describing world politics, ‘we won, you lost, that’s that.’ That’s just the way it is.”

When Ingraham began to get negative reactions to her comments, she then tried to say that “leftists” had tried to distort her words:

For the record, Ingraham has repeatedly gotten into trouble and lost numerous advertisers on her nightly Fox show for blatantly racist remarks she’s made in the past. As HuffPost notes:

The Fox News host has faced a wave of advertiser defections over her past comments. Last month, the photo service Fracture pulled its ads after Ingraham criticized social media platforms for banning a white supremacist. She also lost advertisers last year when she mocked one of the teen survivors of the Parkland school shooting.

Also for the record, Laura Ingraham needs to be taken off the airwaves and relegated to shouting at kids to get off her lawn when they happen to wander by.

Featured Image Via Fox News