Fox hosts say climate change is the ‘religion’ of Democrats – ‘To take away our freedom’

Tuesday morning on Fox News, the not very bright hosts of “Fox & Friends” tried to downplay the very real problem of climate change, even going so far as the claim it has become the “religion” of the left and is nothing more than an attempt to take away freedom from Americans.

The discussion began when co-host Ainsley Earhardt mocked Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for saying that climate change is currently a bigger national security threat to the United States than the terror group ISIS. That led Pete Hegseth to go off on a fact-free rant:

“The Left says that all the time. This is what they believe – it is their religion. They want to fight the weather, the rest of us want to deal with real threats that want to take away our freedom.”

Hegseth also made sure to declare that President Donald Trump is “destroying ISIS,” despite recent reports that the terror group is making a comeback since the president pulled American troops out of Syria.

Seconds later, Hegseth added:

“Whether it’s hot or cold, the enemy is here, as far as liberals are concerned. It’s all about control for them. That’s why climate change is the perfect enemy. They get to control your life to deal with it, no matter what’s happening.”

Before the segment was over with, Hegseth also whined that college students aren’t “learning about radical Islam, they’re learning about environmentalism, and radical environmentalism, and they’re being told its the most important thing.”

Well, it kind of is, Pete, when you consider that if we’re all underwater or unable to grow food to feed us all, ISIS won’t exactly matter.

Last year, Just Security reported that climate change “is a grave threat to national security. Indeed, it may be the threat.” They also noted that it “exacerbates and accelerates already existing threats.”

When Pete Hegseth’s home is inundated with water and he can’t find food to feed his family, will he still be so sanguine about climate change? We’ll find out soon enough if things continue the way they are.

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