Fox legal analyst Andrew Napolitano says Trump won’t ‘survive’ another week like this one


Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano is warning that President Donald Trump is facing so many bad circumstances that he likely won’t survive in office much longer if he can’t manage to right the ship of state.

Focusing on last week’s plethora of bad news — a failed summit with North Korea, Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony, a report accusing him of overruling intelligence agencies and granting security clearances to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and the the widening investigation into the Trump Organization — Napolitano noted in an article for the Washington Times:

“The president has serious and powerful tormentors whom he cannot overcome by mockery alone. He needs to do more than demean them with acerbic tweets, because many of those tormentors can legally cause him real harm. Can President Trump survive all this? Yes — but not if he has another week like the last one.”

Napolitano also suggests that the president, his family, and his business could all be charged under federal RICO statutes, which would likely leave all of them financially destitute:

“Here is where RICO comes in. RICO is the acronym for a Nixon-era federal statute, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, originally enacted to target the mob. It permits federal prosecutors to reach back 10 years to find any two criminal acts, which need not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt; prosecutors need only demonstrate that they were more likely than not to have occurred. Then the feds can seize three times the wealth that the perpetrators of these schemes amassed. That could bankrupt Mr. Trump.”

As if all this isn’t perilous enough, there’s also the continued cooperation of Cohen with investigators from various jurisdictions:

“Normally, all communications between a client and his lawyer are privileged from revelation. The exception comes when the lawyer can demonstrate that he and the client were together engaged in criminal or fraudulent acts. Cohen alleged as much, made out a basic case supported by documents, gave the Democrats a fertile field of alleged Trump misdeeds to harvest and was permitted to reveal under oath and on national television countless sordid communications he had with Mr. Trump, including in the White House.”

Justice is going to be served on Donald Trump sooner or later. And when it happens, it could well result in the complete and utter destruction of both him and the Republican Party.

Featured Image Via Fox News Screenshot