Fox Legal Analyst: Cohen’s Plea Deal Brings Trump Much Closer To Being Impeached

As President Trump prepares to leave for the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, the Russia scandal is exploding all around him, with his former attorney, Michael Cohen, making a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller that seems to prove that Trump was making business deals with Russian entities as he ran for the president.

Fox legal analyst Andrew Napolitano said just minutes after the Cohen plea deal was announced that Trump is now in very serious legal and political jeopardy, including impeachment:

“The strategy of the White House has been to deploy a brilliant attorney who’s a household name, Rudy Giuliani, not only as a lawyer, but as a [public relations] person for the president, to create the impression among the public that the indictment or the impeachment of Donald Trump is utterly unacceptable.”

The president, Napolitano then added, must also feel deeply betrayed considering that his former attorney and fixer is now prepared to testify against him:

“Think of the personal sting here. Michael Cohen was not only the president’s personal lawyer, but his confidante. Michael Cohen once said he would take a bullet for the president. He has now pleaded guilty twice, both times involving the president and both times promised to help people who are trying to bring the president down.

“This must sting the president terribly.”

Former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffee echoed Napolitano, telling ABC News:

“The potential significance of Cohen’s cooperation is immense. But for most high-powered business people with complex business interests, having one’s personal attorney become a star witness for the prosecution is the worst possible legal nightmare.”

Keep in mind that Trump has already submitted written answers to questions from the special counsel’s office, meaning that if he denied having business ties to Russia, he’s already opened himself up to a charge of perjury.

President Trump might want to consider remaining in Argentina and never returning to the United States.

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