Fox Legal Analyst Declares That Trump Is Guilty Of A Felony


Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano is convinced that prosecutors now have more than enough evidence to prove that President Donald Trump has committed a felony, and he’s warning that things are about to get much worse for the president.

During an appearance on Shep Smith’s show Wednesday, Napolitano, a longtime Trump defender, said that recent revelations from the Southern District of New York are a considerable threat to the president:

“We learned that the federal prosecutors here in New York City, not Bob Mueller and his team in Washington D.C., career prosecutors have evidence that the president of the United States committed a felony by ordering and paying Michael Cohen to break the law. How do we know that? They told that to a federal judge and under the rules, they can’t tell that to a federal judge unless they have the evidence.”

Napolitano then added that federal prosecutors in New York have done everything by the book:

“The U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, a Donald Trump appointee taking a page from Jeff Sessions book, recused himself, leaving this case in the hands of the full-time career professional prosecutors. They’re the ones that prosecuted Michael Cohen, told the federal judge that Donald Trump orchestrated these unlawful payments.”

Based on the evidence presented so far, Napolitano concluded, it appears that Trump is guilty of a felony:

“The felony is paying Michael Cohen to commit a felony. It’s pretty basic. You’re liable, criminally liable for the commission of that crime. That’s what the prosecutors told the federal judge.”

Keep in mind all of the charges brought by the Southern District are completely separate from the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who may be able to prove that Trump and members of his 2016 campaign conspired with Russia to rig the presidential election.

The evidence is mounting against Donald Trump. No matter where he turns, he’s surrounded by scandal and criminal actions. And things are only going to get worse.

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