Fox News asks why more Americans are not proud of our country and it goes horrendously wrong

Fox News

As President Donald Trump prepares his July 4th propaganda rally, Fox News highlighted a poll showing that more Americans are ashamed of the United States than ever before and asked why on Twitter. They did not get the responses they wanted to hear.

The poll shows that only 45 percent of Americans are “extremely proud” of the country, the lowest ever recorded. And for some reason, Fox News thought it would be a good idea to inquiry why that is on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users did not hold back, and the top reason why pride in our country is on the decline is because of Trump.

Clearly, a majority of Americans believe our country is going in the wrong direction and that what Trump is doing to it is nothing to be proud of, but something to be embarrassed about and ashamed of. The occasion of our nation’s birthday is supposed to be unifying and non-partisan, but Trump is making it all about himself instead, a move that will only divide while demonstrating that our country is a complete joke like a banana republic.

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