Fox News dumps Sebastian Gorka two days after his unhinged CPAC speech comparing Democrats to Stalin

Just 48 hours after he delivered an angry, hate-filled speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) on Saturday, former Trump administration aide Sebastian Gorka has lost his gig as a Fox News contributor.

What remains unclear at this point is whether it was Fox or Gorka who made the decision to part ways.

Gorka told The Hollywood Reporter Sunday evening:

“I decided not to renew my contract since I have a new nationally syndicated radio show and a position with Sinclair TV which obviated a new arrangement with FNC.”

However, when Mediaite contacted Gorka, he accused them of being “obsessed” with him, telling a reporter via Twitter:

“You really are obsessed with me aren’t you. I’d be flattered if you weren’t a washed-out hack.”

As part of his speech at this year’s CPAC, Gorka accused Congressional Democrats who support the Green New Deal of having a nefarious ulterior motive:

“They want to take your pickup truck, they want to rebuild your home, they want to take away your hamburgers. This is what Stalin dreamt about but never achieved.

“You are on the frontlines of the war against communism coming back to America under the guise of Democratic socialism. I want everyone to take to heart Donald J. Trump is never going to let it happen.”

Gorka briefly worked in the Trump administration, serving as deputy assistant to the president, but his combative style and ridiculous foreign policy pronouncements led to his removal by then-chief of staff John Kelly. Gorka later claimed he had left the administration because some White House officials were trying to undermine Trump’s agenda. However, administration insiders said Gorka had been fired and banned from the White House grounds.

Since leaving his White House gig, Gorka has made occasional appearances on Fox News, which he says he will continue to do:

“I’m still supporting Sean Hannity and other Fox shows as a free agent as my new schedule permits.”

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