Fox News fans cry snowflake tears after Shep Smith tells the truth about Trump’s cruelty

Shep Smith

Fox News anchor Shep Smith hit a nerve on Monday when he accurately reported that President Donald Trump’s signature immigration policy is putting migrant kids in cages after kidnapping them from their parents.

Trump fired Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Sunday reportedly because she refused to let him break the law to enact harsher immigration policies. To replace her, Trump has tapped Customs and Border Protection commissioner Kevin McAleenan, who he apparently believes will carry out his illegal actions, including his family separation policy.

“The President said Kevin McAleenan will serve as acting Homeland Security secretary,” Shep Smith reported on Monday afternoon.

“Right now he’s the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection. This comes after the president visited the border on Friday and said he wanted to take a tougher approach on immigration. Tougher, apparently, than what we saw with kids in cages,” Smith said.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Well, Shep Smith apparently hurt the fee-fees of a bunch of Trump supporters who watch Fox News, and some of them took to Twitter to demonstrate how butthurt they are over Smith telling the truth about Trump.

Here’s the thing. Under Obama, unaccompanied minors were held in detention centers for their own safety because they were by themselves. However, Obama did not rip children from their parents to put them in cages. That’s a policy Trump enacted last year.

If Trump supporters are going to throw a hissy fit, they should at least get their facts straight.

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