Fox News hires Huckabee Sanders to continue lying for Trump

Huckabee Sanders

Just two months after leaving the Trump administration, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been hired by Fox News to continue lying for him.

After two years of constant daily lying to the American people, including lies about the FBI that she admitted to during the Russia investigation by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller as detailed in the final Mueller report, Huckabee finally resigned and left the White House in June.

But now Huckabee Sanders will once again be lying to Americans every day because she has just signed on to work as a contributor for Fox News, also known as Trump’s propaganda machine.

Huckabee Sanders herself would also announce her hiring.

As expected, this news to not sit well with most people, who took to Twitter to express their disgust that they will have to suffer through more lying by someone who is clearly in the tank for Trump.

Clearly, Fox News is only doubling down on Trump’s propaganda by hiring Huckabee Sanders. Just when you thought Fox News could sink no lower, they bring on the person whose pervasive lying is only second to Trump’s.

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