Fox News host says she meant to admit Russian interference handed Trump the White House

Fox News co-host Melissa Francis, Outnumbered

Fox News co-host Melissa Francis admitted that Russian interference cost the Democrats the 2016 presidential election. In other words, Trump is President because of Russian interference. The admission happened during a debate about Russia on Outnumbered:

“I think [Democrats] care about Russia now,” Francis said. “Because it cost them an election. Don’t you think they care now?”

Lis Power, Director of Media Intelligence at Media Matters, shared the clip with the caption:

“Fox host accidentally admits that Russian interference cost Democrats the election. (I really hope Trump was watching.)

FRANCIS: Democrats “care about Russia now because it cost them an election.”

Power’s comment came after Francis’ colleague, Lisa Boothe claimed that Democrats don’t actually care about Russia and are pushing the issue to criticize Trump.

“This is about harming and tarring President Trump,” Boothe said. “So let’s at least be honest about that.”

Later on Twitter, Melissa Francis responded to the notion that her admission was “accidental,” instead, she claimed it was on purpose. Power shared her explanation with the caption:

“Melissa seemingly would like me to clarify that she purposefully admitted that Trump only won because of Russian interference. My bad, girl.”

Francis’ response also admits that the Mueller Report proved the Russians interfered in the presidential election on behalf of Trump, something that Trump is still refusing to address.

“Democrats DON’T think wiki/emails, which Mueller confirmed was Russia, hurt Hillary? They don’t think Russia interfered? I’m so confused what I accidentally admitted? I accidentally admitted what’s written in the Mueller Report? Bless your heart.”

Francis then responded as news outlet Mediaite began carrying the story, explaining:

“Democrats DON’T think wiki/emails hurt Hillary? They don’t think Russia interfered? @LisaMarieBoothe said Dems don’t care about Russia and I disagreed. Bless your heart you need to drink less coffee @Mediaite”

Intentional admission or not, the point is that Republicans, and especially Donald Trump, must admit that Russia’s interference in our elections poses an extreme risk to our democracy. Fox News might believe that “President Trump has been extremely tough on Moscow,” but his actions definitely prove otherwise. Those actions aren’t just spelled out clearly in the redacted Mueller report, but also in what he’s doing today.

One recent example: We have learned that Trump’s current Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney told former Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen not to even raise the subject of Russian interference in Trump’s presence. If a problem can’t even be discussed, then obviously there can be no solution, and sadly that seems to be the intent.

According to Salon:

“A senior Trump Administration official, interviewed anonymously by the Times, noted that DHS officials believed that the federal government needed to be much more proactive about urging companies to block foreign influence campaigns. But the Trump White House, according to that official, refused to discuss the matter.”

See the full debate below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube