Fox News reporter puts viewers in their place for whining about revealing who Trump played golf with


Once again proving that Trump supporters have thin skin, Fox News reporter John Roberts was forced to put many of them in their place after they attacked him for sharing a photo revealing that President Donald Trump played golf with Kid Rock on Saturday.

The White House apparently refused to say who Trump played golf with at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend, but after Kid Rock posted a photo of himself with Trump on the golf course, the mystery was solved. Roberts, who is a Kid Rock fan, shared the post on his Twitter feed and joked that the deputy press secretary “would not divulge” the information.

Almost immediately, snowflake Trump supporters went on the attack and whined about the post, somehow mistaking it as an attack on Trump. Instead of ignoring the hate, the veteran reporter confronted it directly and owned all of them in the process.

Trump playing golf would not be such a big deal had Trump himself not attacked former President Obama for golfing on multiple occasions. Trump also promised on the campaign trial in 2016 that he would be too busy to play golf, which is clearly a lie since he has played more rounds of golf in two years than Obama did in eight.

Furthermore, isn’t there a national emergency that Trump should be attending to?

Clearly, these attacks reveal that Trump supporters will lash out at any innocent tweet about Trump because they see any and every report as “negative” if it isn’t like the propaganda praise that they want to hear. They are truly pathetic.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot