California Wildfire Destroys Rupert Murdoch’s BelAir Home

Despite what conservatives think, liberals aren’t the only Americans being affected by the California wildfires. Take Rupert Murdoch, for instance.

The Fox News CEO bought a 13-acre property in Bel Air, California, back in 2013 featuring a 7,500 square foot mansion valued at $30 million.

But now, Murdoch’s vineyard home is a pile of ashes after wildfires raged through the area on Wednesday. Law enforcement evacuated residents before the fires arrived.

According to an earlier report by NBC in Los Angeles, the fire had only reached the vineyards on the property.

“From initial reports, we’re hearing it belongs to Rupert Murdoch. Apparently it’s a $30 million property — he owns these vineyards here and it’s causing some major problems. If this fire spreads across the hillside, that is going to be a major problem, devastating to the vineyards. Hopefully it is not too close to his home, but that’s what we know so far… It’s Rupert Murdoch’s property, that’s what we’re hearing from the neighbors who live here in Bel Air.”

However, it appears that the blaze has reached Murdoch’s mansion.

Twitter users couldn’t resist mocking his misfortune.

One Twitter user even pointed out that Fox News cheered on the GOP tax plan, which ends deductions for losses stemming from wildfires and other natural disasters.

Twitter even mocked him for believing climate change isn’t real.

Unlike his slow response to the wildfires that destroyed whole neighborhoods in California wine country earlier this year, Donald Trump was quick to respond on Twitter about this one.

One wonders if Trump really sympathizes with the people affected by the fire or just sympathizes with Murdoch.

Not to worry, though. Unlike the majority of Americans who lose their homes, Murdoch won’t be homeless. He’s still rich and has other homes.

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