New Evidence Shows Senior DHS Adviser Is A Conspiracy Theorist

A White House senior adviser to the Department of Homeland Security is under fire for his adherence to Obama birtherism myths. Frank Wuco is a retired Naval intelligence officer who hosted a conservative talk radio show in Florida for several years before taking up his position in the White House, according to CNN. The network got ahold of over 40 hours of Wuco’s bigoted, public rants.

Men like Wuco appear to be a recurring pattern in the Trump administration.

On his talk show, Wuco promoted conspiracy theories about Obama’s birthplace said that Obama knew nothing about the “black American experience.”

“This person, not only does he, with the exception of the color of his skin, not only does he sort of lay a very false claim on his identification with the black American experience, he has no idea what it is. But people don’t care.”

That’s funny because Frank Wuco is a white man who has no idea what it’s like to be Black in America. Meanwhile, Obama is a Black man who was born and raised in the United States.

And of course, where racism festers in today’s America, so do Islamophobia and homophobia.

Note Wuco’s opinion on the rights of LGBT Americans to serve in the military:

“There is no fairness in this issue. In fairness – to me – you know the burden now falls on the straight member of the military to be, you know, stable, steady, mature enough to handle the very likely possibility that he is going to be the object of another man or a woman’s desire while he is, you know, sharing you know, shower facilities.”

Funnily enough, you see Wuco projecting again here. His statement is clearly bigoted, but could also be taken to mean that he doesn’t see how service members could control themselves in situations where people of the same sex are nude.

The same pattern is on display when it comes to Wuco’s Islamophobia. On his show, he insisted that Muslim extremists were responsible for the murder of 77 people in Norway. That crime was committed by a white Norweigan man. Here’s what he said while mock-crying:

“I don’t think that what is sad about this event, Mr. Zarzour, is that people thought it was the Muslims. ‘They blamed us.'”

Wuco is apparently so racist that he feels the need to project conspiracy theories out into the world that damage the Muslim community when a white man commits an act of terror. He can’t come to terms that white men have proven to be far more of a threat to the safety of Americans than “Muslim extremists.”

This is the man who has been leading a team tasked with helping to enforce Trump’s executive orders. That notably includes Trump’s travel ban, which targeted Muslim-majority countries.

And there it is, the Trump administration’s agenda as clear as day: white supremacy.

Featured Image Via CNN.