George Conway And Other Legal Experts School Trump For Claiming He Has Been Cleared Of Wrongdoing


President Donald Trump’s claim that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s filings on Friday “totally clears” him resulted in legal experts laughing at him.

In a monumental filing on December 7, 2018, another date that will live in infamy, Mueller released highly anticipated information about the ongoing investigation, including a document in which the Justice Department and the Southern District of New York identify “Individual 1” as the president of the United States and report that “Individual 1” coordinated with and directed Michael Cohen to commit felonies.

“Individual 1” of course is President Donald Trump, and Cohen is his former longtime lawyer and “fixer” who recently reached a plea deal with Mueller.

The documents are damning, yet Trump had the gall to claim on Twitter that they vindicate him:

Except the documents clearly implicate Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator, and legal experts were quick to school to him, including Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway:

Many legal experts joined Conway in educating Trump:

Clearly, these new releases severely damage Trump and his presidency. At this point, impeachment is required and Trump must be indicted and charged. And Mueller hasn’t even released his final report yet.

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