George Conway demolishes Trump’s scatterbrained foreign policy with two tweets


George Conway — who just so happens to be married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway — is not a fan of President Donald Trump, and he’s also not shy about letting his feelings be known on social media.

Such was the case Friday when Mr. Conway weighed in on the subject of Trump’s so-called foreign policy proscriptions, which range from cozying up to dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un to dissing our NATO allies. With two tweets, Conway made it clear that he thinks Donald Trump is motivated by one thing and one thing only: His own malignant narcissism:

Take an especially close look at the second tweet. It fits Trump to a tee: Grandiose; requires excessive admiration; sense of entitlement. That’s textbook Trump!

Others on social media were only too happy to give Conway an internet high-five for his analysis:

Featured Image Via the BBC