George Conway epically fact-checks Trump for claiming UK press loved him


President Donald Trump is pretending that the media in the United Kingdom absolutely loved him, but Kellyanne Conway’s husband and Trump fact-checker George Conway burst his bubble on Thursday with an epic fact-check.

On Thursday morning, Trump took to Twitter as usual and cited Fox News Host Sean Hannity, who claimed that the United Kingdom press gave Trump “glowing reviews.”

However, that was not the case. In fact, the opposite occurred, as Conway would point out.

What followed next is dozens of examples of headlines from various media outlets based in the United Kingdom.

Conway even noted that BBC parked a giant baby Trump on set.

And the even more embarrassing part is that all of the outlets Conway chose are right-wing tabloid outlets, meaning that left-wing outlets were likely even more brutal.

Once again, Trump is outed as a liar with thin skin.

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