George Conway flattens ‘Narcissist-in-chief’ Trump for disgustingly mocking asylum seekers


President Donald Trump ridiculed and mocked desperate migrants who seek asylum in the United States to escape death and suffering in their native country on Thursday night. And Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway had something to say about it.

During his Michigan rally, Trump once again used the event to air his various grievances and insult just about everyone all while bragging about himself and demonstrating that he doesn’t have a single compassionate molecule in his entire body.

Trump even repeatedly attacked immigrants, and took particular aim at asylum seekers, whom he cruelly mocked like he did when he mocked a disabled journalist on the campaign trail in 2015.

“I am very afraid for my life, I’m afraid for my life,” Trump says while doing his impression of migrants who seek asylum at the border. Then as himself he claims, “it’s a big fat con job.”

Trump literally believes migrants are faking legitimate asylum claims even though Central American migrants are fleeing their nations of origin because of political persecution, killings, rape and the miserable reality in their homeland that the United States is partly responsible for after years of interference.

In response to Trump’s offensive behavior, Conway fired back:

This is yet anther salvo from Conway following up on previous tweets in which he listed psychiatric disorder information to question Trump’s health. Narcissistic personality disorder is on the list.

Conway would follow up that tweet by calling Trump a “pathological narcissist” and wrote an op-ed declaring him unfit to serve in office “beyond reasonable doubt.”

Clearly, Trump proved Conway right.

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