George Conway Flattens Trump’s ‘No Smoking Gun’ Claim


President Donald Trump is insisting that there’s “no smoking gun” to charge him with committing federal crimes, but as has been the case for months, Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway was there to foil his wishful tantrum.

On Monday, Trump actually blamed his former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen for the two campaign finance felonies he directed him to commit and claimed prosecutors have no “smoking gun” evidence to prove collusion or campaign finance crimes.

But George Conway hit Trump with a heavy dose of reality in response.

National security expert Sam Vinograd agreed with Conway, and she doesn’t even have a law degree.

Former federal prosecutors and legal experts followed Conway’s lead and laughed at Trump ridiculous and pathetic defense.

Once again, George Conway schools Trump, and it’s probably time for Kellyanne Conway to jump ship while she still can.


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