George Conway hammers Trump’s stupidity in humiliating tweetstorm


Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway unleashed a humiliating tweetstorm against President Donald Trump on Tuesday mocking him for attacking a new book about his administration and reminding him about his increasingly terrible poll numbers due to the government shutdown.

The 35-day standoff over Trump’s demand for an ineffective border wall shaved billions of dollars off the economy and will have lasting effects that could be repeated in three weeks according to new threats by Trump.

But despite Trump and Republicans trying to spin the shutdown and Trump’s cave to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as a win, the polls tell a different story, something Conway spent a lot of time tweeting about on Tuesday.

First, he called Trump a fraud “thoroughly and completely.”

He then taunted Trump for being angry about former staffer Cliff Sims’ new tell-all book about the chaos in the White House.

Then he began citing Trump’s plummeting poll numbers while referring to him as “inept.”

It’s definitely true. Trump’s poll numbers show that the American people are thoroughly sick of him and that the Republican Party is only spinning its wheels by continuing to defend and support Trump. Even one-third of his own party wants him primaried. That’s not a sign of strength for any sitting president.

After Trump lashed out at Sims over his book, Conway mercilessly responded.

And then laughed at Trump for shooting himself in the foot.

Trump has got to be the most incompetent president in history, and Conway’s wife has to know it. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Conway household when Kellyanne and George are in the same room. They must have a lot to chat about in private at the end of each day as the dumpster fires get bigger inside the White House by the minute. Of course, Trump only has himself to blame for pouring gasoline on those fires while the GOP does nothing but let them burn.

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