George Conway levels Trump for acting like a ‘clown’ instead of governing


Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, took President Donald Trump to the woodshed repeatedly on Friday in response to his ignorance over how the government and laws work and for irresponsibly scheming to release detained migrants into sanctuary cities.

Despite frequently portraying migrants as criminals and terrorists, Trump tried to release migrants into American cities in retaliation against his political opponents.

Of course, doing so would mean breaking the law on so many levels, and could put lives in danger if some migrants just happen to be violent.

While Kellyanne Conway is out there defending Trump’s stupidity and vindictiveness, George Conway hammered him on Twitter.

First he slammed him for acting like a “tinpot” dictator.

Then he compared Trump to a chimpanzee, only the chimp is much more intelligent.

Conway then referred to Trump as a “clown” who doesn’t know how to run a government.

And he concluded by shaming Trump for not understanding the Constitution.

This is yet another escalation of Conway’s offensive against Trump, which includes questioning his mental health and declaring Trump unfit for office “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

He’s right. The question is, however, will his wife and Republicans in Congress ever reach the same conclusions?

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