George Conway mocks Trump for cheating at golf after Sports Illustrated writer tells all

Trump golf

President Donald Trump doesn’t just cheat on his wives or to win presidential elections, he also cheats at golf according to a longtime Sports Illustrated writer. And the revelation made George Conway’s day on Tuesday.

Rick Reilly retired from his work with the publication some years ago but decided to come out of retirement to write a book outing Trump’s constant cheating at golf to refute Trump’s boasts about winning so many club championships.

You know, because Trump’s ego won’t even allow him to admit he sucks at anything even though everyone knows he is bad at politics, business and golf.

As the Associated Press reported the story, Conway took a special interest and posted a Twitter thread all about Trump’s cheating methods, a wonderful addition to his past tweets slamming Trump.

Reilly would later appear on “Morning Joe” to discuss his book.

“If he cheats on the course, he’ll cheat in business,” Reilly told Joe Scarborough on Tuesday. “If he’s honest and fun on the course, he’ll be honest and fun in business.”

It turns out Reilly has played golf with Trump before, so he knows all about Trump’s cheating first-hand. Trump has also told him how he cheats.

“He said when he buys a new course he plays the first round by himself, and calls that the club championship,” Reilly said. “So I started calling around, people said, ‘Yeah, one day he was at Trump Philly, and we played the club championship at Trump Bedminster, and he called and said, ‘Who won the championship?’ They said ‘Joe Shmoe’ shot 76, Trump goes, ‘I shot 73 up here at Trump Philly, make me the champion.’”

“When you walk into the clubhouse, his name — instead of ‘Joe Shmoe,’ it’s Trump,” Reilly continued. “The thing that bothers me — okay, golf, fine. But when he started campaigning on this as, ‘I’m a winner, I can close out, I’ve won 18 club championships, and that’s against the best players.’ That bothered me. I don’t know anything about politics, you guys know about politics, but I know about golf. You don’t get to do that.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Clearly, Trump has cheated his way through life in one way or another and it’s long past due to catch up to him.

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