George Conway mocks Trump’s broken campaign promises and social media hilariously joins him


Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway once again stuck it to President Donald Trump over the weekend by reminding everyone of the campaign promises he has broken since taking office.

Inevitably, presidents usually do end up breaking a promise or two made during the campaign for a variety of reasons. But Trump has been far worse at breaking promises, something Tufts University Professor Daniel Drezner pointed out by noting that Trump promised to rename Mount Denali as Mount McKinley after former President Barack Obama restored the native Denali name with the support of a majority of Alaskans and indigenous peoples.

In response, George Conway cheekily noted another Trump promise that has not come to pass:

It’s true. Trump claimed Mexico would pay for his wall and that it’s being built but he declared a national emergency to steal money from the Pentagon to build it and still hasn’t built a single mile of new wall, merely continuing the replacement of old barriers that began under Bush and Obama.

Not content with just naming two broken promises, other Twitter users weighed in:

Trump also once promised to protect Medicare and Social Security, but he is planning to make cutting both popular programs a centerpiece of his second term should he be re-elected.

So, not only is Trump the biggest liar who has ever been president, he’s broken the most promises, too. It’s little wonder why he is underwater in the polls right now.

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