George Conway takes aim at Trump’s lying and why lawyers wouldn’t let him talk to Mueller


Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway buried President Donald Trump again on Thursday morning, this time taking aim at his constant lying.

Trump and Conway have been feuding this week on Twitter, with Trump attacking the attorney for the first time in response to tweets listing psychiatric disorder information in regards to Trump’s mental health.

Initially beginning by just referring to Conway as a “total loser,” Trump attacked again on Wednesday by trying to emasculate him.

Conway responded brilliantly by comparing Trump to the character of Captain Queeg, who has a complete mental breakdown in the film “The Caine Mutiny”.

Needless to say, Trump hasn’t attacked again as of yet. But George certainly did.

On Thursday morning, Conway slammed Trump for lying, even recounting that one of Trump’s lawyers once told him that they wouldn’t allow Trump to talk to Special Counsel Robert Mueller because he would repeatedly perjure himself.

He then tied Trump’s lying to his mental health.

Trump is a pathological liar, and such a trait is linked to mental disorders. But despite having plenty of reasons to do so, Trump’s Cabinet members won’t invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. They won’t do it because they are cowards who don’t care that the nation is being destroyed by a lunatic who should be in a loony bin instead of the White House.

This is why Mueller should subpoena Trump and compel him to testify under oath. There’s no way that Trump would be able to control himself and give truthful answers. He will perjure himself multiple times and make former President Bill Clinton’s lie about a blowjob look like an innocent fib in comparison.

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