George Conway thoroughly humiliates Trump’s stupid remarks about the Moon and Mars


President Donald Trump made himself a seriously easy target for Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway to mercilessly mock and humiliate on Friday when he made ridiculously stupid remarks about the Moon.

As you may recall, Trump himself declared that he would approve a budget for NASA to return to the Moon before it goes to Mars. At the time, which was only a couple months ago, Trump bragged about it as if going to the Moon and Mars is his idea.

But he not only completely reversed himself on Friday by complaining about NASA talking about going back to the Moon, he thinks the Moon is a part of Mars.


And not long after he said it, George Conway was there to mock him.

That’s just next level trolling right there. And Conway was not finished as he proceeded to retweet other Twitter users who also mocked Trump, including the news service of the North Korean government.

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