George Conway: Trump’s confusing North Korea sanctions tweet proves he’s a ‘stupid pathological narcissist’


Regardless of whether or not his marriage to Kellyanne is on the fritz, George Conway continued blasting President Donald Trump on Saturday morning, this time using Trump’s North Korea sanctions tweet as proof Trump is a “stupid pathological narcissist.”

On Friday, Trump confused Americans across the country by contradicting his own Treasury Department’s decision to slap sanctions against Chinese companies that helped North Korea evade economic sanctions placed on the authoritarian nation over its nuclear program.

In what can be seen as a major concession to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Trump not only ordered the withdrawal of those additional sanctions, he appeared to signal that he will give North Korea everything it wants before they even give up a single nuclear weapon.

Once again, Trump undermined United States foreign policy, endangered our own national security and demonstrated that he is still being duped by Kim Jong Un.

And Conway not only used the tweet as evidence that Trump is an “inept” leader, but as further evidence that Trump has a psychiatric disorder.

This epic Twitter storm is, by far, the most damning criticism Conway has ever expressed about Trump.

And the truly sad part is that Kellyanne won’t stand with her husband against the madman in the White House.

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